An accomplished team of professionals with decades of experience

We have sourced experts from several industries to form a localization company that is unparalleled in its potential.

Swiss Tracking Solutions

We employ top-tier professionals from the watch-making, localization, communication and finance industries. Our background as a lost and found agency for pets gives us unique insights into the problems and expectations of our consumers.


We will make sure you never lose what you love


Providing sophisticated and user-friendly tracking solutions


Intuition is the GPS of Life.

Hanns Fricker, CEO
Business model

Our business model profits from a variety of complimentary components.

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Subscription based services

Our platform is subscription based. more

Customizable solutions

Tracking technology has use cases across all industries. more

Big data analysis

Our tracking data can be processed to acquire valuable insights into a variety of markets. more

Our branding

We are developing our own brand of products which will serve a wide demographic. more

Our leaders

Our leaders have decades of experience at the head of several successful businesses across several industries.

Hanns Fricker

CEO and driving force behind STS AG

Dr. Jaime Rossell

Head of product development

Prof. Silvio Anesini

Member of the board, Finance


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Invaluable experience

Founded by Hanns Fricker in 2005, STMZ is the largest lost and found organization for pet in Switzerland. Each year over 1 million people utilize the services provides by the STMZ. Additionally, there are 33ʼ000 active volunteers who help search, rescue and shelter animals on our behalf, across Switzerland. A Facebook group of over 55ʼ000 people gives the STMZ a broad reach from which the STS benefits directly.


Products & services

A small giant made in Switzerland

swiss tracking solutions swiss tracking solutions