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A small giant made in Switzerland.

Useful features packed into a small, lightweight, easy to use and well-designed device.

Our Products & services

Our sophisticated tracking products merge seamless services such as activity monitoring & health check, indoor & outdoor tracking, full data encryption or social networking.

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The bell is considered to be the first tracking system in history. The sound of the bell helped peasants and shepherds to track and distinguish their flock. The belpet+ tracking device is the modern age evolution of this ancient technology and appeals to wide range of professionals with its powerful set of features. more


The consumer solution integrates many of the proven capabilities of the professional tracker, but in a smaller form factor with a feature set tailored to the needs of pets. more


The first iteration of our tracking solution was based on a deep understanding of our customers and is currently distributed worldwide. more

Mobile & desktop application

Our desktop and mobile application are the primary way in which consumers retrieve tracking information and interact with the various software features of our device. more

Products & services

Every year millions of people, pets and valuables are lost and never recovered. We can help

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