Tracking technology

Be free without worry

Each year countless humans, animals and valuables are lost and never recovered. Our technology offers you a permanent peace of mind.

Our tracking solutions

Our tracking solutions are tailored to both professional and private consumers. We are currently collaborating with police, rescue, hunting and even military organizations to develop tracking systems that satisfy their stringent requirements.

Precision & reliability

We employ a multitude of communication technologies to achieve unparalleled tracking precision. more


The smaller the device the more complex; size matters. We engineered the perfect balance between size, weight, accuracy and battery life. more

Data security - storage & transmission

Tracking data is a very sensitive and personal form of data. We uphold the best security standards to ensure your data does not get in to the wrong hands. more


Tracking solutions multiply the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining our tracking solutions with other smart technology opens up a new world of convenience. more

Tracking technology

Tracking solutions for professional organizations and consumers

Sophisticated precision

STS utilizes the three biggest satellite systems (Galileo, GLONAS, GPS) and local GSM networks to pin point the coordinates of the tracking device. Bluetooth is employed to further assist the tracking functionality when in close proximity to the device.

Authentic design

The design of our devices reflects the experience we have acquired from our lost and found organization for pets (STMZ). We are in a unique position to truly understand the requirements of our consumers as we interact with over a million pet owners each year.

Capable system

Our tracking solutions are supported on a variety of platforms such as OSX, iOS, Windows, Android and on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Our customers can benefit from our solutions, regardless of their personal technology choices.


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